with renal failure

What we are

It was the love for cricket and the passion we share for the game that brought together Sri Lankans

why we do this

Sri Lankans from all walks of life have always cheered SL cricket and spurred us on through rain or shine, victory or defeat. They have always been there for us. Now it is time for us to be there for them by bringing a little sunshine into their lives, especially during times of suffering and national crises.

A game of survival



deaths annually

dialysis machine

Rs. 5Million

Approximate cost



People have
visited and
helped us

Our Projects

Sri Lankan Cricket Aid exists to be a pillar of support for Sri Lankans who are dealing with traumatic situations, illnesses, and natural disasters.

Stay updated and find out about more our projects and relief efforts here.

we rely on your support

We cannot battle CKD on our own.
We need your help to provide real life solutions to those affected. The time to act is now!

Help us support kidney patients and their families